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Continuous operation of the automatic watches
Stark describes simplified automatic watches powered by movements of the wrist with energy. A clockwork located in the "anchor" is put into rotation in order to gain the required energy. Depending on the watch brand and movement, this energy between 24 and 48 hours stored before the clock stops in the case of deposits. At this point, says the primary goal of a watch winder. A watch winder is raise the target automatic watches carefully as possible. Just the word is gentle to pay special attention. On hand steering automatic watch is usually raised more than necessary addition. This is usually not a problem, since most automatic watches have a slipping clutch, which prevents the rearing of a particular point. A watch winder, but should seek to ensure that these same clutch not only is used to avoid possible to minimize this wear.

Comfort thanks watch Winder
In addition to the above-described primary objective of the use of a watch winder is definitely connected with a desire for comfort. Just watch collectors with a large collection are the almost daily Make your high-quality timepieces at some point sorry and enjoy the comfort offers a watch winder. Particularly with regard to automatic watches with many complications such as Moon phase, perpetual calendar date and the winder saves a lot of time and helps both to the good feeling at all times properly Clock asked to hand.

Functions of a watch winder
should have the functions of a watch winder, can be divided primary and secondary functions. Among the primary functions of all the functions are to appoint who contribute to the automatic watches to keep going. The secondary functions of a watch winder increase the ease of use.

Watch Winder primary function - rotation drive
To ensure that a winder is suitable for a wide range of automatic watches, automatic watch, each will be added through a fully programmable engine rotation. The reason is because of the different movements which are built-in automatic watches. The majority of movements can be raised by a rotation in both directions. However, there are movements that are raised only by a rotation. When buying a watch winder should therefore be taken to ensure that the winder has different rotation settings.

Watch Winder primary function - number of revolutions
Watch winder should be possible to meet many movements, have procedures to program different speeds of rotation. The watch winder manufacturers indicate the possible number of revolutions usually in your product descriptions. The more speed on a watch winder can be set can be better addressed in the rule to the requirements of the watch. As a very good example, the winder from Underwood are called, can be adapted in which the rotational speed in small increments 300-3600 rpm. It should however be noted that most auto plants need only a rotational speed 600-1000 rpm and thus cover the winder this area are satisfactory.

Watch Winder secondary functions
As explained above are the secondary functions of a watch winder a significantly increased user comfort. In this context, e.g. Functions such as sleep phase, the express elevator to call the auto stop function, or the interior lights.

Many watch collectors and enthusiasts are proud of your collection of fine automatic watches. Accordingly, it is not surprising that winder are not designed as closed boxes. Owners of high-quality timepieces should contact your exclusive watches can enjoy even if they are kept securely in Winder. The majority of the market watch winders are made of MDF and then finished with several layers of lacquer.

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